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Having established itself with innovative releases from the likes of Lucy, Blawan and Roots in Heaven, the experimental Zehnin label now looks to Paleman for four more fierce tracks. Now often releasing on his own PLMN label, this classically and jazz trained artist has previously won plenty of fans and plaudits for heavyweight rollers on labels like Swamp 81, 81 and School Records. Emerging from the ashes of dubstep to come up with his own deep techno sound, he is a Rinse FM regular with his experimental show 'Trenches' and mirrors this exploration with tracks full of texture, modular synthesis and visceral percussion. Opener ‘2068’ is a dark and foreboding bit of economical techno. Monolithic kicks set a forceful groove below as they rock back and forth, and factory floor sounds, scurrying little sonic details and rattling hits all peel off the groove as it powers on. ‘Searching’ is five minutes of tight drum programming overlaid with twisted fx, edgy alarms and menacing spirits. The flip brings with it another all consuming bit of warehouse techno in ’The Peg Loosens'. With scraping hits and groaning synths and drums that again seem to rock back and forth on their heels, it has a masterfully muggy, bleak and foreboding sense of atmosphere that is unsettling yet absorbing. Last of all, the industrial tinged ‘Slurp’ hurries along with bristling percussion and warped synth stabs doing a manic dance in the distance. It’s urgent and compelling as it barrels along, never letting up and never allowing you to look back. These are four powerful pieces of full bodied techno.

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