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First he had us in Denial. Then he made us an offer we couldn’t Resist. Now he’s fixing our focus on the most crucial player in this whole house caper: the ‘Selecta’. Come again? ‘Selecta’ is yet another crystalline acid body workout from the Ovum boss who’s been dishing out single sinewy shell-outs in a seriously rich vein of form of late. Galvanised by heavily swung drums, loaded and coded with a venom-like funk and characterised by a big soundsystem vocal that tears out of nowhere and disappears just as quickly; it’s yet another unique piece of 303 witchcraft, the likes of which only Wink can conjure. Deeply groovy, unabashed darkness and just a nuance of mischief with the vocal, it’s yet another precision piece from Mr Wink who’s also kindly provided an instrumental for your added creative pleasure. Selectors, this one’s for you. You know what to do…

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