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• Themes of crime and punishment have always featured strongly in music. Ace’s new CD is an hour long, not so much celebration but as documentation of heroes, villains, cops and robbers and their role in rock’n’roll. • Inebriation, incarceration, stick-ups, showdowns, ‘failure to support’ and all manner of other non-law abiding activities are on Ace’s rockin’ docket, although we plead not guilty to charges of crimes against music that this compilation may or may not elicit. • “Criminal Records” also heralds the work of hard-bitten cops from the mean streets of New York and Los Angeles, and those notable heroes and villains of the old Wild West that came into our living rooms on a weekly basis during TV’s golden era. • The featured suspects are all guilty of being entertaining in the extreme. Almost all of the tracks on this arresting set are new to Ace CD, and several have never been reissued before. • Ace’s convictions are that we are sure this will be a best cell-er - buy or stock it now, or be prepared to suffer the penalty for digital delinquency. 1. DRAGNET - Ray Anthony And His Orchestra 2. COPS AND ROBBERS - Boogaloo and his Gallant Crew 3. GOOD MORNING JUDGE - Wynonie Harris 4. JAILHOUSE ROCK - Dean Carter 5. PRIVATE EYE - Bob Luman 6. BUT OFFICER - Cliff ‘King' Solomon and his Orchestra (vocal: Gigi Gryce) 7. DICK TRACY - The Chants 8. RIOT IN CELL BLOCK .9 - Vicki Young (With Big Dave's Music) 9. FOLSOM PRISON BLUES - Jumpin' Gene Simmons 10. BAD DETECTIVE - The Coasters 11. LIFE TO GO - George Jones 12. MR DILLON - The Delacardos 13. TWENTY ONE DAYS IN JAIL - Magic Sam 14. THE PRISONER'S SONG - Hylo Brown 15. THOSE PRIVATE EYES (ARE WATCHING ME) - Chubby Checker 16. PRISONER'S PLEA - Billy Boy 17. NEXT TIME (TAKE 1) - Richard Berry 18. SERGEANT PRESTON OF THE YUKON - Ray Stevens 19. JAIL BIRD - Sonny Knight 20. BAD DAN MCGOON - The Cadillacs 21. FRAMED - The Robins 22. BIRMINGHAM JAIL - Warren Storm 23. HAVE YOU GOT THE GUMPTION - Scatman Crothers 24. ST GEORGE AND THE DRAGONET - Stan Freberg

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