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Since its early days Jazz music has always been experimentatal, trying to contaminate, and integrate different cultures, styles and musical philosophies. Along the years, jazz movement expanded and diversified in many different genres and styles. Electronic music has also always been exprimental and the avant-garde of electronic musicians explored new technologies and new styles of music. Today the two musical frontieers meet and the contamination between jazz and electronic music will enrich both musical languages, changing the grooves but keeping the same depth and spirit of the two genres. Jazz-o- Tech is born in order to merge tradition with modernity, improvisation and experimentation, and to create a new style: Techno-Jazz. Finally the elegant arrangements and intricated solos of jazz can develop along the modern structures of Techno and Electronica, taking the listeners on an emotional, hypnotic and intense journey, making us think that future is not that far away. * For its debut release the new label, based between Berlin and Milan, is presenting the new representatives of Techno- Jazz. In this 12' vinyl all the artists represent the new concept that Jazz-o- Tech wants to promote. The argentinian sound designer and experimental musician Paine' is presenting a strong but elegant track full of jazz quotes and pulsing with swing. The DN3 trio (DJ and producer Guido Nemola, trumpet player Cesare Dell'Anna and pianist Mauro Tre) in their track "Lee Theme" mixes elegantly original jazz improvisation and a house inspired rythmic section. Berlin based duo Flat Maze (producer Stefano Mori and pianist Uri Gincel) play with techno grooves and with experimental raw and meditative sounds, but they still leave enough room for silence and emotions. Gamapawa are our final act, probably the most Jazz of all, definitely very much focused on experimenting new forms of contamination of Jazz and Electronica. In "Nobossa" DJ and electronic producer Paine Cuadrelli, trumpet player Mario Mariotti, japanese synth player Gak Sato and bass player Walter Prati (with guest appearance by saxophonist Gianni Mimmo) are providing the finest example of a cross over electronic experimental act which leaves the listeners with plenty of musical references and inspiring moments.

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