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RR: Aliment delve into a dense swarm of dark and heavy sounds in which the attentive ear will find brief and wonderful flashes of pop and light. RELATED TO: Protomartyr, Iceage, Sievehead, Dïat, Institute, Marked Men. ALIMENT ON SPOTIFY — STREAMING LINK: “New Human” song on Bandcamp (SONG INCLUDED IN THIS ALBUM): “Razors” video on YouTube (FROM PREVIOUS RELEASE): “There’s tension running throughout “New Human,” thanks to basslines trying to elbow their way into occupying one single space. When the Barcelona punk trio lets out a surfy guitar chord at the end of each verse, it feels like a breeze in your face after spending some time in the middle of the pit.” Remezcla (USA) Aliment is back: after two albums released under La Castanya —Holy Slap (2012) and Silverback (2015)—, the Barcelona-based trio takes a step forward with an exciting third album called Brother. Ten new songs with a post-punk scent where the band explores their most obscure and intense side. Rhythm focused but never giving up their melodic side, their cocktail of influences goes from post-hardcore totems such as Fugazi to the raw sounds of contemporary bands like Protomartyr. Pol Rodellar, of band Mujeres, on “Brother” LP: Aliment is playing tonight and we know exactly what this means. We’ll be wearing our jackets with Dirtnap and Goner Records patches and Bad Sports t-shirts. There’s gonna be blood and sweat. A few hours left for the show to start but we’ve already met. We’ll be drinking beer so we can sweat it out later until the air in the venue condenses and it starts raining inside. The show begins and something new and strange happens. We were expecting a crushing start with ‘Car Crush’ —Silverback (La Castanya, 2015)— but instead something darker and denser called ‘Dystopia’ hits us. Where did those perfect choruses full of ‘Uuoo’s’ and ‘Aaaah’s’ go? All of a sudden, all those pathetic and hackneyed garage clichés sound ridiculous. ‘Sweaty rock, beer in hand’, ‘blood and sweat in the mosh pit’. Fuck that. Aliment is telling us to break all those clichés into pieces because there’s no friendship to celebrate anymore, no beers in the air, no friendly nudges. They are building a huge wall on stage that will collapse right over us. They’re out of the garage fantasy. Aliment has gathered tons of pain over the years and now they just can’t fake anything while on stage. Aliment show themselves dark and uncomfortable, but in the end it’s just a matter of proportion instead of denial. That’s the reason why in the midst of all this rawness we can still find flashes of hope, and for 20 seconds they will offer you a truly beautiful power pop chorus that will fade before you can raise your fist. Holy Slap (La Castanya, 2012) and Silverback are still there, hiding, because something blurrier and darker is coming. There’s still light left, we’ve seen it with our own eyes, but for it to be beautiful and genuine it must be subtle, never too obvious. Recorded in two different sessions at La Atlantida Estudio, Barcelona, Brother (La Castanya, 2018) reveals a band that has consciously forgotten how to make pop music, Marked Men style. Now they flirt with post-punk like Protomartyr, Sievehead, Dïat and Institute (‘New Human’, ‘Sacred Secret’) raising to the podium those guitar riffs that threaten to crack everything. We can also see similarities with Parquet Courts (‘Maze’, ‘Black Cross’) and with other new formulas based on rhythmic repetition (‘Dystopia’, ‘Snake Bite’). All this combined with ethereal and beautiful instrumental parts (‘A Blazing Torch’) taken from the Danish school (Vär, Iceage, Lower). Brother is a perfect machine able to break clichés down. And will surely build new ones up.

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