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Invisible Inc's latest limited 12” brings cosmic adventurer Secret Circuit into the fold. Secret Circuit is the project of musician and visual artist Eddie Ruscha (Laughing Light Of Plenty, Blasé, Thriftcoteque, amongst others) whose solo and collaborative activities have issued forth an inordinate number of stellar releases on labels such as Emotional Response, Beats In Space, Internasjonal Spesial, ESP Institute, Exist Dance and Rush Hour's 'No Label'. With Higher Planes Drifter Secret Circuit has excelled himself yet again. From the outset the bar is set pure and high and we're transported to far flung reaches where only Secret Circuit can take us: expanding upwards and outwards to bathe in the synthesized waves of a warm cosmic ocean. Gothic Rainbow, as the title might suggest, starts off dark and brooding like a bio-mechanical John Carpenter, and slowly evolves into what is quite possibly the most uplifting, blissful piece of music we've heard in a good while. With innumerable synths, a deeper-than-deep bass and a soaring guitar Ruscha manages to blend a perfect sound that's as emotionally warm (and emotive) as it is refreshing. Cold electronic music this is not. Rattlesnake Jelly and Rhythmatic Generator push further out. With touches of “kosmische', experimental lo-fi, some serious synth workouts and tripped up beats the music truly defies categorising as there's nothing else quite like it. Imagine, if you will, swarms of hallucinating microbes at a mass pagan ritual set on the surface of an old drum machine's circuit board and you'll be close. The closing track, Memory Melt, is a thing of pure, lilting beauty. Transcendant, laidback and dubbed out, its piano, guitars, bass and space echo combine in a swirling whirlpool of colorful sound that early morning ravers on the beaches of Ibiza have only dreamed about in what is known as the vertical time shell pod: a phenomenon that appears on certain beaches once every 3 years.

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