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After the club tropicana sounds of Bang the bomb its time to roll the sleeves up and get down to the business end of this trip. Touching down on planet Subturanus in search of the real underground shit Light sound dark do not disappoint digging deep into its core and excavating strange alien like sonics which had previously been lying dormant. Onyx ''Robot world'' kicks things and what a start. hailing from Boston Massachusetts this 1982 cassette only release is almost completely unknown to all but a few. So ahead of its time with its production and ''Robots are taking over the world'' drone vocal this is an absolute must for people who are fascinated with the history of house music and is surely worthy as a missing piece on the ever expanding jigsaw puzzle. So good they had to be included twice ''Call of the wild'' also features with its wonderful mix of live instruments minimal synths and truly apocalyptic vocal a must for fans of Beppe loda's lesser known electronic dark side. Japans Mld appear with '' Dynamo'' previously available on the cassette only Tokyo Paris compilation, Thundering beats and infectious rhythms combine in a tour de force which should really carry a health warning for those of a nervous disposition. The Kiliwax's super rare 1981 cosmic electronics masterpiece ''Kiliwatch'' (instrumental) is another highpoint as is Pre Fix's ''Ectomorphine'' with drums and percussion that could have come straight from the rift valley when man first started banging lumps of wood together at those very first open air raves. Light sounds dark love a cover version and do their own edit on Sum yama's ''Subterranean home sick blues'' splicing together the original and an instrumental version which was only available as a give away on a Static records compilation. Finally a special mention for Quick culture one of the many projects of legendary producer Tom Dokoupic (Die Partei Wirtschaftswunder) Anyone who bought ''After the void'' will know about the production skills of this genius and again way way ahead of the time. Half way through Quick culture a sound appears which is pure Detroit Kevin Saunderson but it's 1982. another piece for the jigsaw perhaps. And lastly the one and only Moxons Master is brought out of retirement to twiddle some knobbles on ''Robot world'' for the people that do the nameless thing as a separate red vinyl extra loud for discotheque destruction.

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