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Next up on Light Sounds Dark, we have some tracks hailing from 2006-2008 from the cosmic Mutant Beat Dance, we thought it best to let them tell us about their music so here they go: Protagonist: Protagonist paces itself like a churning liquid seeping from the cracks of broken Chicago concrete streets.Riddled with scum and icy sludge, the movement of the track feels like it might be a sailor with spiritous substances flowing through his veins, but somehow maintains it's wasted momentum through it's sliding wormy sequences. Capitulo Finale: Wavey disjointed synths mesh with chaotic dueling vocals. Univox rhythms beat your brain into a soupy pulp, and your body into a pile of ooze. Off kilter and strictly for the mind numbed freaks. The Final Chapter... LowLife: Fragmented shards of a broken mirror, represented by a loosely hand played arpeggiator, reflect rays of cosmic pads intertwining the strains of the fabric. Remote vocal artefacts break the eery tension while various rhythms build and break the progression of the track. The Fight: Pop structures squeeze between mutated basslines and a steady rhythms, while distant voices loosely croon in a thin air of tension and imbalance where more depravity lurks. A mutilated brain trying to regain consciousness from the confusion of a distant memory.

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