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Light Sounds Dark fire another bolt from depths of genuine obscurity. There's not much we can tell you about 'Untitled', apart from the fact that this is about as righteous as it gets: A mirrored, triple-gatefold sleeve housing a bevvie of unidentified, amazing, terrifying, sumptuous and sexual sounds. We're probably best leaving LSD themselves to explain it in their own words: 'This Album depicts an Extraterrestrials extortion to us, explaining how to: Link life to death in a continuous experience. Utiilize the resulting thanatonic energy to travel faster then the speed of Light, turn matter into consciousness and back again, alter evolution at will and exist simultaneously at every moment of time. Move the entire Universe into the fifth dimensional realm, and say when in history it is possible for this to happen. Light Sounds Dark has also received other information it cannot understand. Since this information was given to us directly but not for us per se, it must be communicated to others, many of whom are better prepared then us to receive it. Accordingly we were shown how to make this Album into a Psychotronic, or mind-matter interactive device which is activated by the approaching listener. By doing this, new information will come to you through the active use of the divine proportion, which is the proportion of life connecting to death.'

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