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Earthling's choice of name is as self-confident as their performance. The Japanese trio defines itself as a worldly representative, capable of creative exploration without limits. The group calls their first album DANCE to express the fullest flowers of rhytmic movement, attending to both physical and spiritual needs. Earthling consists of lead vocalist/guitarist John, his wife, bass guitarist Yoko Fujiwara, and keyboard/sythesizer player Jin Haijama. The group was formed in Tokyo one years ago when John and Yoko, who had been fashion and textile designers, felt the desire to give the music they'd written a more permanent environment. They recruited Jim, who was working in an amusement park, and evolved a musical form which pulsed with a steady beat, yet was tempered by hypnotic vocal chanting. The electronic power that sustains DANCE is complemented by Johns's introspective delivery, the natural result of his training as a Buddhist priest. The sound of Earthling is dedicated to reinforceing the subtle and sensitive connections which link modern music to dance. While the group utilizes a rhythm-machine to epitomize the sustained beat of their society's ordered technology, the emotional vocal impact of songs like 'Heavy Feeling in My mind' and 'The Guard of Sensitivity' add an urgent, street-wise dimension to their precise instrumental presentation. Although Earthling are not fluent in English, they write in our language for its universality and appropiateness. Earthling are sound pioneers, painting future dreams that transcend the present day. They understand that the future cannot be easiliy classified, and that tomorrow is not simply another today.

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