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Light sounds dark are in retreat, stranded in a vast frozen tundra there is no where to hide and the enemy smells blood. Psychedelic vampires and noble leprechauns white witches shape shifters and computer trolls even a gigantic grizzly bear a sort of cosmic enforcer with a mind so complex not even Cassandra could cross it. As they rally around their golden child, like an angry wasp this is one enemy you do not want to make. What started out as fun and games quickly developed into a tit for tat before spiralling out of control into something far more sinister. And like some demented Kamikaze pilot on LSD Light sounds dark took on this force of ancient lineage in its own backyard with no thought for her own safety demanding only that the stakes were raised at every turn in this inevitable game of death.. Why... All is fair in love and war so the saying of the old go's and no one was hurt.. not physically anyway. Light sounds dark is bruised and battered mentally fatigued and waves the white flag hoping to be pardoned. The war must thaw and in the enforcers own words the WALL MUST COME DOWN. To mark this historic occasion Light sounds dark looks deep into her cellar and must reach for the good stuff the real deal vintage not your everyday cheap wonk. And so it seems fitting that the first ever signing to Light sounds dark all the way back in 2009 is pulled out for just such an occasion. An album that has gone down in electronica folk law straight out of Berlin 1981 Die Partei and their third world masterpiece the incredible ''La Freiheit Des Geistes''.

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