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RR: Tracklist LP: A1 - Sissy Fuzz A2 - These Angles Are Signs A3 - Now U Talkin’ Change, Huh. B1 - All I(s) Need B2 - (d)ou(b)tsider B3 - Xenitis, At Last C1 - Fall In Luv (Grip Ov Death) C2 - Wait For Me C3 - Not A Sign You’ve Left That I Could’ve Found In Your Scrapbooks D1 - Saarbrooklyn (Saint Harrows) Fontarrian’s debut effort for Berlin-based label ANTIME offers a glimpse into a fragile yet eclectic spectrum consisting of loopy vocal bits, slowly unwinding washes of dream-like ambience, distinctively (s)tumbling almost jazzy percussions and an ever-present, blissful warmth. The latter emanates from and sucks you into what seems to be a world of its own. Like a lo-fi attempt at capturing momentary twists of the heart through 10 significantly diverse tracks - imperfect nonetheless - the album feels like a mixtape you’ve set out to record for someone special, but somehow never got around to.

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