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Once in a great while a truly superlative musical talent comes along, it only happens a handful of times per century, and one of those times ―it‖ was Hank Williams. Despite his swift and total rise to superstardom by the age of 25, by 29 he was dead in the back of his own Cadillac...but it is what happened in the interim that made all the difference. While America, returning victorious from the War in 1945, attempted to create an image of a invincibility, wealth and power, there was a guy with a guitar from a place called ―Wrong Side of the Tracks‖ who had another story to tell, a story that, amid all the propaganda and ticker tape parades, Americans could relate to and—judging from the record sales—obviously wanted to hear. From 1947 to 1953 Hank Williams recorded 66 songs under his own name, of which 37 were hits, enough to last country music stations for the next half a century and beyond. Songs like ―Cold Cold Heart‖, ―Hey Good Lookin'‖, ―Your Cheatin' Heart‖, ―I‘m So Lonesome I Could Cry‖, and many more, have become standards in American music. These 6 LPs: I Saw The Light, Honky Tonkin’, Sing Me A Blue Song, Ramblin’ Man, Sings, and Montgomery, were originally mostly released in the 10‖ format between 1954 and 1959 (and were themselves a collection of various studio sessions and previous ‗78s), except for Sings, originally released in 1951, and Montgomery, a collection of rare early private recordings, radio airchecks and demos, with the earliest recording being ―Happy Rovin' Cowboy‖, from 1939, when Hank was just 16 years old. Now collected together in a luxury edition box set.

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